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About us

The Master of Business Administration Program, launched in 2006 by the Taiwan Tech School of Management, is an international, full-time two-year MBA program that is committed to providing a cutting-edge graduate business education and insights into international management practices with a focus on Asia. Following the strategic priorities of the School of Management, an overarching theme of our business education is the digital transformation of industry in all its aspects. By drawing on the specific strengths of each of the departments and graduate institutes from the School of Management, we can offer our students a wide range of choices allowing them to pursue their own interests
The program enrolls about 150 students, 50% of whom are international students. On Taiwan Tech's vibrant campus in the centre of Taipei City, we offer a culturally diverse learning environment and an international perspective on management practices. We have developed close ties and intense exchanges with leading international business schools and regularly invite guest lectures and visiting instructors who contribute to the diversity of the program. An overseas entrepreneurship internship program encourages students to get hand-on training during term breaks (currently put on hold due to the Corona crisis).

The MBA program of School of Management in Taiwan Tech envisions to become a leading international Business Administration Program in the Asia-Pacific region by offering a cutting-edge business education with a regional focus on Asia and an emphasis on the digital transformation of industries.

The MBA program of the School of Management is committed to providing high quality business education and conducting applied research that responds to the needs of the industry. We expect our graduates to become socially-responsible managers with a global perspective who have the necessary skills to become drivers of digital transformation and continuous innovation. 

Educational Goals 

  • Equip students with the necessary methodical and analytical skills to deal with real-world problems in various industries 
  • Develop leadership and management skills and successful communication strategies
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit and develop competencies in critical thinking 
  • Acquire a global vision and cultural sensitivity to adapt to diverse working environments
  • Convey a strong sense of business ethics and social responsibility, and a notion of sustainability that should guide all managerial


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