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gThe Taiwan Tech MBA Program, launched in 2006, is an international, full-time two-year program offered by the Taiwan Tech School of Management. Our program draws on the specific strengths of each of the departments and graduate institutes of the School of Management to deliver a flexible curriculum that allows plenty of individual choices. 
The program is taught by experienced faculty, all of whom are holding Ph.D. degrees from prestigious institutions in Taiwan, US, Europe, Australia or Japan. Many of our instructors are not only active researchers, but also well connected with the industry and professional associations in Taiwan and in Asia.
The program leads to an internationally recognized Master's Degree in Business Administration. Its structure allows students a high degree of flexibility to design their studies according to their interests. As an MBA program within a leading technological university, one of our focus areas is the digital transformation of industry in all its aspects, a topic of great importance for managers of all stages of career and all industries. Our program particularly targets applicants with a few years of professional experience, but previous work experience is not an absolute requirement for admission. 

The language of instruction is English and Chinese, with 80 % the courses being offered in English. Non-Chinese speakers will have a wide range of choices to fulfill the credit requirements. With more than 50% international students, we offer a culturally diverse learning environment, with a lot of room for discussion and sharing of different perspectives. 
Our international internship program, which arranges overseas entrepreneurship during term breaks (currently put on hold due to the Corona crisis), is designed to equip our students with hands-on global experience.

Credit requirements

The MBA Program requires 45 credits towards graduation:

MBA Program
Credit requirements

Required Courses 
Core Courses  24 24
Master's Thesis  0
Academic Research Ethics 0
Subject-related electives  12 21
Free electives  9
Total 45

1) 24 credits must be earned from required courses, i.e. core courses offered by MBA Program 
2) 21 credits must be earned from electives of which
a) 12 credits must be earned from subject-related electives, i.e. from courses offered by departments and institutes of the School of Management 
b) not more than 9 credits can be earned from free electives, i.e. from courses offered by any Taiwan Tech department/institute (including School of Management courses) or from courses offered by the NTU system universities 

Further requirements for graduation
a) A written Master’s Thesis (0 credits)
b) A seminar (3 hours) on Academic Research Ethics has to be completed before the end of the first year. 

At the School of Management, each course is normally worth 3 credits and meets 3 hours per week over 18 weeks (one semester).

Program Structure

Students of the MBA program are required to gain 24 credits through compulsory courses (core courses) which are offered by MBA program faculty or by faculty of other departments of the School of Management. It is recommended to take the core courses within the first year of the MBA program to lie a solid foundation of your business education, and to get to know instructors who could be the future advisors of your Master's thesis. 
Our courses are categorized into four focus areas, Organizational Behavior and Theory (A), Multinational Management and Innovation (B), Intelligent Development and Management (C), and Methodology and Data Analysis (D), which we consider as essential for any business education. Students are required to take six credits (2 courses, as a rule) from each area, and in Area A and Area C these six credits have to be taken from two different categories. 
Download: Regularly offered core courses (PDF-file)

Focus Area Categories  Credits
Area A
Organizational Behavior and Theory

  ► Organizational Bevavior (OB)
  ► Human Resource Management  (HR)

6 credits 
Area B  
Multinational Management and Innvovation

  ► Multinational Management and Innvovation

6 credits 
Area  C 
Intelligent Development and and Management


  ► Intelligent Manufacturing  (IM) 
  ►Digital Marketing (DM)

6 credits 
Area D
Methodology and Data Analysis  
  ► Methodology and Data Analysis 6 credits 
   Total 24 credits 

As for the subject-related electives (12 credits), the School of Management offers a wide range of course choices in all four focus areas.

Academic Research Ethics Semimar

As a requirement by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, all graduate students enrolled at universities in Taiwan have to complete seminars in Academic Research Ethics (ARE) which usually consist of three teaching units, where the first two units are lectures, while the last unit is a test. Students of the MBA program are required to attend at least one research ethics seminar before the end of the first year of studies, and to pass the ARE-exam. 

ARE seminars are not credit-bearing, but will appear in academic transcripts as PASSED with a passing grade of 70%. A successfully completed ARE seminar is a requirement for taking the degree examination of the MBA program.
Every semester, the Taiwan Tech Centre of General Education offers eight or more ARE seminars which are taught by different instructors and focus on different aspects. The schedule and topics of ARE seminars will be announced here.

Master’s Thesis

The Master's thesis is an important part of the program and a requirement for graduation although no credits are awarded for the thesis.
Choosing a topic: Students usually start working on their thesis in the 2nd year of their studies by deciding on the topic and finding a suitable advisor who has to be a member of faculty of the School of Management. Students are free to choose the topic of their thesis, but they need to get approval from their advisor at an initial stage of the thesis-writing process. The master's thesis may be replaced by a practical expertise report if agreed by the advisor. The Master's thesis is to be supervised by a full-time member of faculty of the Taiwan Tech School of Management, but if required by the topic, an expert co-advisor can be invited. While it is possible to choose a co-advisor from another university, co-advisors cannot be from the industry or other non-academic institutions.

Download: Master's Thesis Advisor Consent Form

Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination ("Defense"):  A first draft of the thesis has to be completed and submitted to the advisor within the designated period of studies. If all other credit requirements are fulfilled, students can apply for the Master’s Degree Thesis Oral Examination wherethey have to defend their thesis to a panel of experts. Students can make suggestions on the members of the Defense Committee which has to consist of three to five members. They must have research expertise in the field of the student’s research topic and hold at least a Ph.D. degree as academic qualification. At least two members of the committee have to be from Taiwan Tech. Committee members from outside academia have to hold "a distinguished record of achievement or practical experience in an unusual or highly specialized academic discipline or profession". Please refer to the NTUST Master’s Degree Thesis Defense Examination Regulations for more details. On the day of the defense , you have to prepare three forms (to be downloaded from the NTUST Student Information System)

a. Master’s Thesis Recommendation Form (Advisor’s signature required) 
b. Qualification Form by Master’s Degree Examination Committee 
c. Form for Final Oral Defense (1 for each committee member)

Submitting the Thesis: After a successful defense, students will have to revise their thesis according to the feedback given by the committee members. The final version of the thesis has to be submitted (both paper and digital copies) in the first month of the next semester/ academic year. The deadline is marked in the NTUST academic calendar. There are detailed regulations concerning the format of the printed copies and for uploading the digital copies which will be submitted to the NTUST library and to the National Central Library. 

The procedures for registering for the defense, the invitation of committee members, the submission of the printed and digital copies etc., is explained in detail in the Timeline for the MBA DefensePlease read carefully!

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